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Hi, I'm Jerome

Growing up in Blacktown, I went to a local school and from an early age felt the impact of a broken home.

I can remember my parents constantly clashing and saw how it affected my younger brothers. From early age it was up to me to care for them whilst also craving the same care from my parents.

I first came to know about God when I visited a Catholic Church with my dad, the only thing I remember is that I had to pray.

During harsh times when my parents would fight I would run straight to a place to hide away, feeling God’s comfort whenever I would pray.

Not long after this my parents split up, leaving my brothers and I broken. That moment lead me to an attitude of hating life, questioning why I was born; but loving sin, myself, bitterness, lust, pride.

I knew God was real, but I always thought that through being a good person God would accept me.

So I wrestled for many years trying to fulfil the empty void. Heading into high school things got worse. Life brought more challenges; I got into a relationship, bringing my parents’ experiences in, alcohol and drugs. I did anything to satisfy myself, but the same time I was going to church, praying and wanting to be right with God by trying to be a good person.

After high school I moved in with my girlfriend, aiming for nothing in life. When my girlfriend and I heard that my cousin’s parents were divorcing it brought up painful experiences of when my own parents split up. Thinking we could help her through this time, we arranged to meet up with her.

Instead she invited us to church. I didn’t think much of it, so we ended up going along to church.

I saw the joy my cousin had and I just didn’t get it.

I was so used to religion that I thought I knew God, but God showed me I didn’t know Him at all. I barely remember a thing from the sermon.

What I do remember is when the Pastor began talking about what Jesus did clearly, dying for my sins and rising again.

I finally realised that I needed Jesus not good deeds. I came to know God personally as I gave my life to Jesus Christ.

Every burden I carried over the years He lifted off, truly filling the void I tried for years.

I just turned 20, I'm married and I am filled with a passion and gratefulness for Jesus, my saviour.